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    SunTec Auto Glass provides auto glass repair and windshield replacement for all of the Greater Phoenix Metro and all 1700 Neighborhood Communities.  
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    Meet The Manager

    Paul Ryans - Operations Manager


    Highest Quality Service In El Mirage

    At SunTec Auto Glass Repair and Windshield Replacement, our team is 100% dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Our mission in El Mirage is to deliver the highest quality service and professionalism in the window tinting and auto glass repair and replacement industry. We want you to be completely satisfied with your entire experience, from the first phone call to finished windshield replacement or auto glass repair.

        We work with all insurance companies
        Free mobile service
        We will beat any cash quote
        Lifetime guarantee
        Same day service

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    Welcome to El Mirage, Arizona

    El Mirage is located in Maricopa County, Arizona. El Mirage has a population of approximately 31,797 and the median age is 28.1 years of age. The median household income is approximately $48,641 and a recent study found that there are approximately 2.28 vehicles per household in the U.S. That means there is a good chance that at some point you will need your windshield replaced, or your auto glass repaired. 


    Free Mobile Service for El Mirage Residents

    We know that having your windshield replaced or your auto glass repaired is never fun; however, it does not have to be stressful. We offer FREE mobile service for all El Mirage windshield replacement and auto glass repair Customers. Same-day Service means that we will send one of our fully certified windshield replacement and auto glass repair technicians to your home or place of business. If same-day service does not work for you, no problem, just schedule your appointment for a time that is most convenient for you and that fits your schedule.

    ¡Se Habla Español!

    El Mirage We Service All Vehicle Makes and Models

    Our installers are NGA and NWRA certified and trained to service all vehicle makes and models. That means it does not matter if you drive a Ford, Subaru, Hyundai, a Toyota, a GMC or even a Ferrarri; we can service your vehicle. We have access to the largest inventory of original equipment glass for the residents of El Mirage, Arizona. We use OEM glass from prestigious glass companies such as Carlite, Mopar, PPG, and AP Tech. Original Equipment Manufacturer glass helps maintain the resale value of your vehicle and helps maintain the structural integrity of your vehicle in the event of a head-on collision or rollover accident. 

    Photo: City of El Mirage

    When Choosing a Local El Mirage Auto Glass Shop

    El Mirage is located at an average of 1,145 feet above sea level and covers an area of 9.67 square miles. The average annual temperature ranges from lows of around 40 degrees Fahrenheit to highs over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. With these drastic temperature fluctuations occurring on a daily basis, it is very important for an auto glass repair or windshield replacement company to understand how this situation can affect a vehicle's integrity. In addition, most vehicle owners do not realize that these conditions often cause significant stress on all vehicle glass, including side windows, quarter windows, vent windows, back windows and particularly windshields. It is a good idea to use a local auto glass repair and replacement company that is knowledgeable about the glass best suited for the local environment. Quality glass can protect against cancer causing UV light and may refract sunlight, which will help keep the interior of the vehicle much cooler. 


    Featured On Angie's List, City Search, Yelp,
    Judy's Book, Kudzu, and Insider Pages

    El Mirage, We Work With Every Auto Insurance Company

    Dealing with your auto insurance company can be a hassle, and many people fear they will not receive proper coverage to replace their windshield. Customers often worry that perhaps the auto glass company will not work with their auto insurance company. We want this to be as stress free for you as possible, which is why we work with every auto insurance company and we will accept any discounted rate they will offer for your windshield replacement or auto glass repair. In addition, we know that some people do not have the auto glass coverage as part of his or her auto insurance policy. For customers paying out-of-pocket, we offer affordable pricing and we guarantee the lowest price on OEM glass, parts and moldings for El Mirage residents.


    Our Staff is Completely Trained and Certified

    It can be scary having to trust someone with your vehicle, especially when you know that 7 out of every 10 windshields in Arizona are not installed correctly. Improper windshield installation can put your family’s lives at risk. At SunTec Auto Glass Repair and Windshield Replacement, we find that risk unacceptable, which is why we only employ National Glass Association and National Windshield Repair Association certified technicians. We train every member of our windshield replacement and auto glass repair team in the proper tooling for both Domestic and Foreign windshield repair, auto glass replacement, window tinting and auto glass VIN etching for our residents of El Mirage.  

    Photo: City of El Mirage

    Auto Glass in El Mirage, Arizona

    When El Mirage, Arizona first became a community there was not much need for auto glass. However, in today's world, a combination of an increasing number of vehicles on the road and rock landscaping, dominating the local terrain; stone damaged windshields have become commonplace and make El Mirage, AZ more susceptible to chipped, cracked or dinged windshields, than in cities in other parts of the country. Fortunately, when you are in need of auto glass repair or auto glass replacement, Arizona is a "no-fault-claim" state, which means placing an automotive glass claim will not directly affect your insurance rates. That is one less thing to worry about when choosing a professional auto glass company.


    To Our Loyal El Mirage Customers 

    We appreciate the loyal customers we have acquired over the years and we would like to show you our appreciation. SunTec Auto Glass Repair and Windshield Replacement is currently offering FREE Dinner Gift Cards, FREE Gas or FREE Movie Passes with every automobile windshield replacement claim submitted through your auto insurance company. For those who have to pay cash or use a credit card, we have many great specials for you to choose from, as well as great discounts for seniors, military, police, firefighters and teachers. We also offer Fleet Rates for companies with multiple vehicles.

    *You must mention discounts and special promotions at the time of scheduling service in order to be valid.

    *For your safety, a National Glass Association certified technician installs all auto glass and a National Windshield Repair Association Certified Technician does all windshield chip repairs.

    El Mirage, We Handle It All

    We offer free mobile service in El Mirage for your convenience. We provide El Mirage auto glass replacement, auto glass repair and auto glass tinting service on all makes and models of vehicles, including classic and vintage cars, trucks and vans, along with extensive knowledge of electric, solar and hybrid vehicle glass replacement and vehicle glass repair. We also handle in-house all the claim paperwork with your auto insurance company to save you time and trouble. 

    Photo: City of El Mirage

    Interesting Facts about El Mirage

    El Mirage is suburb community northwest of the Phoenix Metro Area. El Mirage was incorporated in 1951. The slogan associated with the city of El Mirage is “Grand Heritage, Bright Future”. There are at least seven institutions of higher learning within just 15 miles of El Mirage. El Mirage is near Luke U.S. Air Force Base, the largest Fighter Pilot Training Base in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and can boast that it has the highest paid city manager per capita in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area.


    Safety Above All Else El Mirage

    El Mirage, when you are in need of a windshield replacement or auto glass repair, SunTec Auto Glass El Mirage puts your family's safety first. All of our El Mirage auto glass replacement technicians are certified by the National Glass Association and all of our El Mirage windshield repair technicians are National Windshield Repair Association Certified to ensure meeting the highest safety standards possible. No matter where you live in El Mirage we provide professional auto glass replacement, windshield repair and automotive window tinting services, along with premium quality automotive glass, parts and moldings. Schedule a El Mirage auto glass appointment today.


    Top Industries in El Mirage:

    El Mirage, Arizona has a variety of industries that support its economy. The top industries in El Mirage are healthcare and social assistance, construction, retail trade, finaance and insurance, and accommodation and food services. 


    1. Healthcare and social assistance
    2. Construction
    3. Retail trade
    4. Finance and insurance
    5. Accommodation and food services


    Notable Locations in El Mirage:

    Some of the notable locations in the El Mirage area are the Ennis Station, El Mirage Town Hall, Ludden Park, El Mirage City Plaza, El Mirage Branch Library, Santa Teresita Catholic Church, First Assembly of God, El Mirage Family Health Center, and El Mirage Community Gardens.


    1. Ennis Station
    2. El Mirage Town Hall
    3. Ludden Park
    4. El Mirage City Plaza
    5. El Mirage Branch Library
    6. Santa Teresita Catholic Church
    7. First Assembly of God
    8. El Mirage Family Health Center
    9. El Mirage Community Garden


    Some of the Important Streets in El Mirage, Arizona are:

    Some of the important streets in El Mirage, Arizona are W. Thunderbird Road, N. El Mirage Road, NW Grand Avenue, W Thompson Ranch Road, Phoenix Wichenburg Hwy, N 127th Ave, W Cactus Road, and N Dysart Road.


    1. W Thunderbird Road
    2. N El Mirage Road
    3. NW Grand Ave
    4. W Thompson Ranch Road
    5. Phoenix Wickenburg Hwy
    6. N 127th Ave
    7. W Cactus Road
    8. N Dysart Road


    El Mirage, Why Go Anywhere Else?

    Our El Mirage windshield replacement and El Mirage auto glass repair technicians come to you, to your home or office, even on Saturdays!  If you drive a crossover, utility vehicle, sedan, coupe, convertible, station wagon or an S.U.V, our expert El Mirage windshield repair and El Mirage auto glass replacement technicians are perfect for the job. Whether you are looking to have your windshield replaced, your back window replaced or even a side window replaced, such as a door glass, quarter glass, or vent glass, the team at SunTec Auto Glass El Mirage can do it. If you live in El Mirage, or anywhere in the valley of the sun, look no further Contact us today.


    Qualified to do it Right the First Time

    There are hundreds of Vehicle Manufacturers and thousands of Vehicle Models that require a lot of know how and experience in order to repair or replace the glass right the first time. The installation team at Suntec Auto Glass El Mirage maintains the highest level of certification and is professionally qualified in all aspects of glass repair and glass replacement. We know your vehicle means a lot to you and for some it is their office and for others it is a way of life. When its time to have your vehicle windshield repaired or your vehicle windshield replaced, you may find comfort in knowing it would be done by a professional technician who can do it right the first time.

    Customer Service Available 24/7 El Mirage

    If you need your vehicle window repaired or your vehicle window replaced, it takes just one call to (480) Quality or email us at and let your issues become our success El Mirage.


    Seeing Through the Windshield Literally

    Wednesday, July 17 - Guizhou, China – A Chinese couple driving down a busy road narrowly escaped death after a car smashed into their vehicle. The impact from the accident propelled the woman in the passenger seat into the windshield. Local authorities say she was not wearing her safety belt. 

    Photo: HAP/Quirky China News/Rex / Rex /HAP/Quirky China News/Rex / Rex

    The woman's head became lodged in the glass trapping her inside the car. The fire crew widened the hole around the woman’s neck setting her free from the wreckage. The couple were taken to a local hospital and treated for thier injuries.

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    El Mirage Auto Glass Repair Shop Tip for Keeping Drivers Safe

    El Mirage Residents: SunTec Auto Glass, Your local Auto Glass Shop, is proud to support car care. Windshield Replacement and Auto Glass Repair is an important maintenance on your vehicle.

    PhotoL Dalje

    You may think you have the most reliable car on the road, but a little neglect can leave you sorry. 

    Regular car maintenance is essential – According to the Car Care Council, over 5% of vehicle accidents result from unperformed vehicle maintenance; resulting in 2,600 deaths, 100,000 disabling injuries and a cost of more than $2 billion every year.

    Critical components should be checked at every service interval include automatic transmission fluid, battery and cables, belts, engine air and oil filter, exhaust, fuel filter, hoses, power steering fluid and tire inflation and condition. These should be checked according to the following schedule:

    • Every three months or 3,000 miles
    • Every six months or 6,000 miles
    • Every 9 months or 9,000 miles
    • Every 12 months or 12,000 miles

    In addition to the above, your car should be checked monthly for lights, tire inflation, check engine light on and windshield washer fluid.

    El Mirage residents, A recent survey by the Car Care Council found:

    • 28% had inadequate cooling protection
    • 19% needed new belts
    • 16% had dirty air filters
    • 38% of cars had low or dirty engine oil
    • 54% had low tire pressure
    • In addition - Proper windshield replacement and auto glass repair saves lives!

    As your local Auto Glass Company, we ask you please do not neglect your auto glass repair and windshield replacement.

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