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Q: How do I schedule a repair or replacement?

A: Simply contact us and one of our customer service representatives will answer any of your questions and work with you to schedule an appointment at your preferred date and time.

Q: How long does it take to get an appointment?

A: We can usually schedule you for an appointment within 1 or 2 days from your initial phone call. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, please inquire about immediate same day availability. We now offer same day service on a first-come, first-served basis so it may be available for your vehicle and location in town.

Q: What kind of glass do you use for replacements?

A: We use OEM (original equipment) or OEM-equivalent glass. Our glass comes from manufacturers such as PPG, Pilkington, Carlite, LOF, etc. When cost is an issue for a cash job, we can use an aftermarket piece of glass upon the customer's request, as they are typically less expensive.

Q: How does glass replacement work with my insurance?

A: You have the right to choose which auto glass repair shop performs your services (Arizona Law Chapter 233, Section 2) as well as if you would like a replacement or a repair. One of the reasons people procrastinate fixing their glass is that they are too busy to want to file a claim with their insurance company. We can take care of that responsibility for you.

Although some insurance companies require a 3-way phone call with the glass shop and the Insured at the same time to verify that a claim is valid, we will take care of all the rest of the billing. The only responsibility that falls upon the customer is to pay the deductible, if applicable.

Q: Will filing a claim affect my rates?

A: No. Arizona law states that a no fault claim for a glass replacement will not raise your rates (ARS S 20-263), although some insurance companies monitor the frequency of claims that their insureds make and may not renew your policy based upon the number of claims you have made.

Q: Which insurance companies do you honor?

A: We accept and process claims for all insurance companies. We have contract rates with each insurance company in regards to how much we can charge, and how much they will pay, per job. Periodically, these rates are reviewed and revised to better match current industry standards. Rates are usually verified verbally with the customer on the phone when a job is called in for verification.

Q: Can I still get a glass repair or replacement if I don't have insurance coverage?

A: Yes. Just call for a quote and we will check all of our distributors to get you the best price possible.

Q: What if it's raining on the day of my appointment?

A: On the 3 days a year that Arizona may see significant rainfall, we can still do the windshield replacement if the vehicle is in a covered area. Other than that, it would be up to you, and the shop, to determine if the weather calls for a reschedule, or just a delay in appointment time.