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    Meet The Manager

    Paul Ryans - Operations Manager


    Highest Quality Service In Litchfield Park

    At SunTec Auto Glass Repair and Windshield Replacement, we have one goal. We strive to provide you with the highest quality windshield replacement and auto glass repair service in the industry. Our entire team is 100% dedicated to your complete satisfaction with your entire experience. From the moment you pick up the phone to call us until you drive away with your new or repaired windshield, the professional windshield replacement and auto glass repair team at SunTec Auto Glass Repair and Windshield Replacement is here for you.   

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    Welcome to Litchfield Park, Arizona 

    Litchfield Park is located in Maricopa County, Arizona. Litchfield Park has a population of approximately 5,476 and the median age is 44.2 years of age. The median household income is approximately $94,412. With approximately 2.28 vehicles per household in the U.S., there is a good chance that at some point everyone will need their windshield replaced, or your auto glass repaired. 

    Photo:City of Litchfield Park

    Auto Glass in Litchfield Park, Arizona

    In the first days of Litchfield Park, Arizona there was not much demand for auto glass. However, in the modern world a combination of more vehicles on the road and the rough and rocky Litchfield Park, Arizona landscaping dominating the local terrain; windshields are commonly chipped, cracked and dinged by rocks, stones and the local landscape. Fortunately, when you are in need of auto glass repair or auto glass replacement, Arizona is a "no-fault-claim" state, which means placing an automotive glass claim will not directly affect your insurance rates. That is one less thing to worry about when choosing a professional auto glass company.

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    Our Fully Trained and Certified Litchfield Park Staff 

    It is not always easy to trust just anyone with your vehicle. When you know that 7 out of every 10 windshields in Arizona are not installed correctly, it can make this decision even more difficult. Improper windshield installation has very serious consequences and can put your family’s lives at risk. At SunTec Auto Glass Repair and Windshield Replacement, we find that risk unacceptable, which is why we only employ National Glass Association and National Windshield Repair Association certified technicians. We go to great lengths to train every member of our windshield replacement and auto glass repair team in the proper tooling for both Domestic and Foreign windshield repair, auto glass replacement, window tinting and auto glass VIN etching for our residents of Litchfield Park. 

    Photo: Litchfield Park

    Free Mobile Service for Litchfield Park Residents 

    We know that having your windshield replaced or your auto glass repaired is an inconvenience; however, it does not have to be painful. SunTec Auto Glass Repair and Windshield Replacement offers FREE mobile service for all Litchfield Park windshield replacement and auto glass repair Customers. In Addition, we offer same-day Service, means that we will send one of our fully certified windshield replacement and auto glass repair technicians to your home or place of business. If same-day service does not work for you, no problem, just schedule your appointment for a time that is most convenient for you and that fits your schedule.


    Choosing a Litchfield Park Auto Glass Company

    Litchfield Park covers an area of 3.13 square miles and is 1030 feet above sea level. The average annual temperature ranges from lows of around 40 degrees Fahrenheit to highs over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Drastic temperature fluctuations occurring on a daily basis put a lot of strain on vehicle auto glass including side windows, quarter windows, vent windows, back windows and particularly windshields. That makes it so very important for local auto glass repair and windshield replacement companies to understand how this situation can affect a vehicle's integrity. It is in your best interest to choose a local auto glass repair and windshield replacement company with knowledge about the glass best suited for the local environment.

    We Service All Vehicle Makes and Models in Litchfield Park 

    Our installers are National Glass Association and National Windshield Repair Association certified; our technicians are trained to service all vehicle makes and models. Whether you drive a Scion, Toyota, Lexus, Audi, Volkswagon, or Buick; our windshield replacement and auto glass repair technicians can service your vehicle. We have access to the largest inventory of original equipment glass for the residents of Litchfield Park, Arizona. We use OEM glass from prestigious glass companies such as Carlite, Mopar, PPG, and AP Tech. Original Equipment Manufacturer glass helps maintain the resale value of your vehicle and helps maintain the structural integrity of your vehicle in the event of a head-on collision or rollover accident.

    Photo: City of Litchfield Park

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    We Work With Every Auto Insurance Company in Litchfield Park 

    Sometimes it can be quite a hassle dealing with your auto insurance company. Many people fear they will not receive or do not have proper coverage on their auto glass policy to replace their windshield. Customers often worry that perhaps the auto glass company will not work with their auto insurance company. Our goal is to make this process as stress free for you as possible; we work with all auto insurance companies to make this easier for you, the customer. SunTec Auto Glass Repair and Windshield Replacement will accept any discounted rate your auto insurance company offers for your windshield replacement or auto glass repair. We understand that some customers simply do not have auto glass coverage on their auto insurance policy. If you are one of our valued ‘out-of-pocket’ customers, we offer you affordable pricing and we guarantee the lowest price on OEM glass, parts and moldings for Litchfied Park residents.


    To Our Loyal Litchfield Park Customers 

    We appreciate all of our Windshield Replacement and Auto Glass Repair customers. We would like to show all of our loyal customers our appreciation. To show our appreciation, for every windshield replacement auto insurance claim we are offering FREE Dinner Gift Cards, FREE Gas or FREE Movie Passes. If you are paying for your windshield replacement, auto glass repair or window tinting with cash or credit card, we still have a lot of fantastic specials for you to choose from, as well as great discounts for seniors, military, police, firefighters and teachers. We also offer Fleet Rates for companies with multiple vehicles.


    *You must mention discounts and special promotions at the time of scheduling service in order to be valid.

    *For your safety, a National Glass Association certified technician installs all auto glass and a National Windshield Repair Association Certified Technician does all windshield chip repairs.

    Litchfield Park, For Your Convenience, We Handle It All

    We offer free mobile service in Litchfield Park for your convenience. We provide Litchfield Park auto glass replacement, auto glass repair and auto glass tinting service on all makes and models of vehicles, including classic and vintage cars, trucks and vans, along with extensive knowledge of electric, solar and hybrid vehicle glass replacement and vehicle glass repair. We also handle in-house all the claim paperwork with your auto insurance company to save you time and trouble.


    Interesting Facts about Litchfield Park

    Litchfield Park was originally created to support the efforts of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company to cultivate and grow cotton in the U.S. Southwest. This was due in part to a loss of production of cotton from other parts of the world, i.e.: boll weevil infestations, loss of suitable environment. In many aspects, it is very similar to the nearby town of Goodyear, having been a planned community built to accommodate local workers. Litchfield Park is named for Paul Weeks Litchfield who was an executive at Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co, who was tasked with developing and overseeing localized cotton production in the area.


    Safety Above All Else Litchfield Park

    Litchfield Park, when you are in need of a windshield replacement or auto glass repair, SunTec Auto Glass Litchfield Park puts your family's safety first. All of our Litchfield Park auto glass replacement technicians are National Glass Association certified and all of our Litchfield Park windshield repair technicians are National Windshield Repair Association Certified to ensure meeting the highest safety standards possible. No matter where you live in Litchfield Park we provide professional auto glass replacement, windshield repair and automotive window tinting services, along with premium quality automotive glass, parts and moldings. Schedule a Litchfield Park auto glass appointment today.


    Some of the Businesses in Litchfield Park are:

    Some of the top businesses in and around the Litchfield Park area are Taps, Red Lobster, La Bona Pasta, Denny's, Arizona Kitchen, Daisy Cage, Tiburon the Aruarium Restuarant, Tasty Asian Kitchen, Red Allen's, Litchfield Chevron, Litchfield Valero, Litchfield Super Valu, Suncor B, Classic Car Spa, Albertson's, Dillons, Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market, Sprouts Farmers Market, Food City, and La Loma Internal Medicine. 

    1. Taps
    2. Red Lobster
    3. La Bona Pasta
    4. Denny's
    5. Arizona Kitchen
    6. Daisy Cafe
    7. Tiburon the Aruariam Restaurant
    8. Tasty Asian Kitchen
    9. Red Allen's 
    10. Litchfield Chevron
    11. Litchfield Valero
    12. Litchfield SuperValu
    13. Suncor B
    14. Classic Car Spa
    15. Albertsons
    16. Dillons
    17. Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market
    18. Sprouts Farmers Market
    19. Food City
    20. La Loma Internal Medicine


    Top Industries in Litchfield Park:

    Their are a wide variety of industries that support Litchfield Park's growing economy. A few of the top industries in Litchfield Park are educational services, healthcare and social assistance, construction, transportation and warehousing, and utilities.

    1. Educational services
    2. Healthcare and social assistance
    3. Construction
    4. Transportation and warehousing
    5. Utilities


    Notable Locations in Litchfield Park:

    Notable locations in and around the Litchfield Park area are Falcon Golf Course, The Wigwam Golf Resort and Spa, Wildlife World Zoo, Litchfield Park Library, The Wigwam Golf and Resort Spa, Staggs Park, St. Peters Episcopal Church, Montesorri School, Litchfield City Hall, and The Church at Litchfield Park.

    1. Falcon Golf Course
    2. The Wigwam Golf Resort and Spa
    3. Wildlife World Zoo
    4. Litchfield Park Library
    5. The Wigwam Golf and Resort Spa
    6. Staggs Park
    7. St Peters Episcopal Church 
    8. Montesorri School
    9. Litchfield City Hall
    10. The Church at Litchfield Park


    Some of the Local Neighborhoods are:

    Some of the local neighborhoods in Litchfield Park, AZ are La Casa Linda, Litchfield Park Condos, Coldwater Station Condos, Fulton Estates, Pyramids at Palm Valley, Renessaince Villas, Village at Litchfield Park, and Wigwam Creek.

    1. La Casa Linda
    2. Litchfield Park Condos
    3. Coldwater Station Condos
    4. Fulton Estates
    5. Pyramids at Palm Valley
    6. Renessaince Villas
    7. Village at Litchfield Park
    8. Wigwam Creek


    Litchfield Park, Why Go Anywhere Else?

    Our Litchfield Park windshield replacement and Litchfield Park auto glass repair technicians come to you, to your home or office, even on Saturdays!  If you drive a crossover, utility vehicle, sedan, coupe, convertible, station wagon or an S.U.V, our expert Litchfield Park windshield repair and Litchfield Park auto glass replacement technicians are perfect for the job. Whether you are looking to have your windshield replaced, your back window replaced or even a side window replaced, such as a door glass, quarter glass, or vent glass, the team at SunTec Auto Glass Litchfield Park  can do it. If you live in Litchfield Park, or anywhere in the valley of the sun, look no further Contact us today.


    Qualified to do it Right the First Time

    There are hundreds of Vehicle Manufacturers and thousands of Vehicle Models that require a lot of know how and experience in order to repair or replace the glass right the first time. The installation team at Suntec Auto Glass Litchfield Park maintains the highest level of certification and is professionally qualified in all aspects of glass repair and glass replacement. We know your vehicle means a lot to you and for some it is their office and for others it is a way of life. When its time to have your vehicle windshield repaired or your vehicle windshield replaced, you may find comfort in knowing it would be done by a certified technician qualified to do it right the first time.

     Customer Service Available 24/7 Litchfield Park

    If you need your vehicle window repaired or your vehicle window replaced, it takes just one call to (480) Quality or email us at and let your issues become our success Litchfield Park.


    Man Smashes Rear Windshield and Sunroof to Rescue Woman From Burning Car

    June 11, 2013 - Citizens came to the resuce of a woman trapped in a car fire. The woman's car crashed when her vehicle struck a rock mound causing her car to fly through the air and roll several times before landing on the shoulder of the highway. The crash caused the vehicle to catch fire while the female driver was trapped inside.

    Photo: Oregon State Police

    “Ketzy Roeder, 60, of Kennewick, Washington, was driving when her car traveled onto the right shoulder of the road and she appeared to lose control,” said Lt Gregg Hastings of the Oregon State Police.


    Official reports say an unidentified man kicked in the rear windshield then a group of people helped to flip the vehicle back up on its wheels. The same man then used a baseball bat to smash the sunroof of Roeder's car, pulling her to safety.


    Firefighters arrived on scene and extinguished the car fire and surrounding area. Paramadics transported Roeder to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center with no life threatening injuries.

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    The Auto Glass Industry - an Unregulated Industry 

    Because the auto glass is crucial to a vehicle's safety restraint system, it is suprising that is an unregulated industry. The windshield of a car makes up to 70% of the roof of the vehicle's structural integrity. Airbags use the windshield to protect passengers inside a vehicle in the case of an accident. Fortunately, if you requaire a windshield replacement or auto glass repair there are some great options made availabe to help you make the right decision when choosing an Auto Glass Company.


    Correct installation of auto glass insures the safety of you and your loved ones. To be sure you recieve proper service, work with an auto glass repair and windshield replacement company that employes certified auto glass repair and replacement technicians


    The National Glass Association, NGA, is the largest trade association that represents automotive and architectural glass products and installations. Its logo is nationally recognized. The NGA currently offers two levels of certification for auto glass replacement technicians.

    National Glass Association

    Level 1 - Certified Auto Glass Technician (CAGT): This certification requires a minimum of six months of auto glass replacement experience, and the test is taken at an NGA approved facility.

    Level 2 - Certified Master Auto Technician (CMAGT): This level of certification requires a previous CAGT certification alongside a minimum of three years of auto glass replacement experience. The test is taken at an NGA approved facility. 


    To help improve the consumer's understanding of the importance of auto glass repair and replacement, the NGA created the Coalition for Auto Glass Safety and Public Awareness, (CASPA). This organizatoin assists consumers in locating quality, certified auto glass repair and replacement shops and technicians. 

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