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    Windshields Broken By "Chupacabra"


    We have all heard most of the Urban Legends and Myths of monsters and creatures from all corners of the earth. However, none are quite as eerie, or as founded as the Chupacabra. A medium sized creature that has been depicted as both appearing like a Lizard, or a hairless dog with large teeth. Most accounts fit one of these two descriptions and are almost always very brief encounters. We are going to report on two of these encounters as they are both very similar.

    September of 2006, Albuquerque New Mexico, Valerie Pauls was making her rounds at work at the Amerisuites hotel. It was a normal day for Valerie and she was heading back out to her car when she heard a faint hissing sound. She first passed it off as a sprinkler or some type of machinery, and kept walking. The hissing noise increased in volume and she noticed that it was actually following her as she walked along the building. 

    When Valerie finally gained the courage to look up at the 6th floor roof, she saw something that she will never forget. Two glowing red eyes, staring right at her, and the hissing sound was very loud now. The creature started to flash bright colors, and a fetid sulfuric odor had permeated the air, causing her to feel dizzy and nauseated. She describes it as reminding her of a Gargoyle one might find along the rooftops of a church built in the middle ages.

    The Chupacabra continue to hiss and flash colors. Terrified, Ms Pauls made a break for her vehicle. The Chupacabra leapt off the roof and swiftly onto her vehicle. Valerie began to scream as the creature started to attack her windshield, which it quickly was able to break in it’s attempt to attack her. Although the windshield was broken, the creature leapt back up onto the hotel roof and disappeared. Some say her screaming scared the Chupacabra away, however, the damage had been done. 

    Not only was this event something she would remember for the rest of her life, but the animal had also left her with a costly endeavor. Her windshield was completely destroyed by the Chupacabra, and she would have to find an auto glass company with the proper certification to replace the auto glass.

    There is another case of a Chupacabra attacking a woman’s vehicle, and it was also in New Mexico. Rebecca Tuggle was in her vehicle in Albuquerque, New Mexico, when she noticed the overpowering odor of Sulfur. She remembers becoming dizzy and nauseated, and the smell being incredibly strong. She claims she heard a loud hissing sound, and turned to see where it was coming from. 


    To Ms Tuggle’s great surprise she saw what she describes as, “a strange creature that looked like a combination of a kangaroo, a lizard and a bat, with rainbow colored spikes all along it’s spine”. Rebecca Tuggle also mentioned that the creatures eyes were glowing red. The creature leapt onto her vehicle, but once again was quickly gone. Although her windshield was damaged, it was not destroyed like Valerie Pauls' windshield was.

    12-15 Million windshields are replaced each year in America and over 200 million animals are involved in vehicle damage each year. Lucky for both Rebecca and Valerie, the only damage done by the Chupacabra was to their vehicles. There is no damage the Chupacabra could have done to the windshields or auto glass of either vehicle that could not be repaired or replaced. Paul Ryans, the operations manager at SunTec Auto Glass says, “anytime an animal is involved in an auto accident, or anytime an animal attacks a vehicle it is unfortunate. However, the fact that neither of these ladies were injured is fortunate, and luckily these ladies had quality certified auto glass shops like SunTec Auto Glass to perform their auto glass replacement and windshield repair”.

    If you live in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area and require a windshield replacement or auto glass repair, contact SunTec Auto Glass today. Our windshield replacement and auto glass repair technicians are NGA (National Glass Association) certified and service all vehicle makes and models. We use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) auto glass and OEM parts, because you and your family's safety matters. We work with every auto insurance company and we accept most forms of payment. We offer free mobile service to Maricopa and Pinal Counties for your convenience. To schedule your windshield replacementauto glass repairauto glass tinting or auto glass etching, please contact us at (602) 753-6050 or by email at

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      Response: NHqtWnIY
      Windshields Broken By "Chupacabra" - Breaking News - Windshield Replacement | Auto Glass Repair
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      Windshields Broken By "Chupacabra" - Breaking News - Windshield Replacement | Auto Glass Repair
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      Windshields Broken By "Chupacabra" - Breaking News - Windshield Replacement | Auto Glass Repair
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      Response: sprinkler repair
      Windshields Broken By "Chupacabra" - Breaking News - Windshield Replacement | Auto Glass Repair
    • Response
      Windshields Broken By "Chupacabra" - Breaking News - Windshield Replacement | Auto Glass Repair

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