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    Football...the Other Great American Smash-Time!

    Today on The Phoenix Auto Glass Blog we are covering a sport that rarely causes windshield damage, unless the damage is due to inappropriate fan behavior. However, we have found a couple of interesting stories where a football actually broke a car windshield in the parking lot. Both of the stories we will cover today occurred at an elevation of approximately 5,280 feet; at the Denver Broncos practice facility.

    Broncos kicker Matt Prater has a prolific National Football League resume, including a 59-yard field goal during the 2011 season. Prater‘s powerful leg combined with the fact that Broncos‘ employees park their cars near the uprights means there are bound to be some broken windshields. That is exactly what happened on a Wednesday afternoon when one of his boots struck an SUV and broke the unknown owner’s windshield.

    Photo from

    According to Prater, it is the fifth windshield his foot has broken including a teammate’s in 2008, Mike Klis. “[It is] insurance, [it is] not my fault,” Prater said, laughing when asked if he would be responsible for the repairs. “I guess [do not] park anywhere near the uprights.” As long as Prater continues his game winning field goal heroics, teammates and Denver fans could care less how many windshields fall prey to footballs.

    Photo from

    Our second story also occurred at the Broncos practice facility, a couple of years ago. Bronco’s quarterback Kyle Orton threw a pass into the end zone that smashed the windshield of a Porsche parked near the uprights.

    The following are actual twitter posts (tweets) from Lindsay Jones. Lindsay writes about the Denver Broncos for the Denver Post.


    • "An odd scene out at Broncos practice today, where an incomplete pass in the end zone by Kyle Orton skipped off the ground and cracked the windshield of a Porsche in the player’s parking lot"
    • "The Porsche, it turns out, belongs to running back Willis McGahee"
    • "Inc pass into the end zone just cracked windshield on Porshe in players parking lot. Whoops"
    • "Right after ball hit the car, Elvis goes “Hey hey hey!!” Guessing its his ride"
    • "Orton. Came in fast + hard. Off the bounce. RT @Jeff_Thornton: @PostBroncos [Was not] a Tebow pass, was it?"
    • "For what its worth, only about 10 yards from back of end zone to the players’ parking lot. No fence. Not some crazy errant pass here."
    • "Also: Not sure who the Porshe belongs to. [Do not] think it is Elvis — now think he was just yelling at us media types who [did not] catch it"
    • "Back in the lockout stakeout days, I was getting good at recognizing who drove what. Hazy memory now. Oh well."
    • "Mystery solved: The Porsche belongs to Willis McGahee."
    • "Orton left practice a little while later. His wife is very pregnant,"
    • “Mystery solved: The Porsche belongs to Willis McGahee(notes)”.



    Real Photo of McGahee's Porsche with Broken Windshield - Photo from

    It turns out that the Porsche belonged to Orton’s teammate, Running Back Willis McGahee. The good news is that at least it was not an inaccurate pass; however, for Orton it was an indication of things to come. Orton lost his starting job midway through the season and shortly after was traded. Just how much force is behind a football that can break a windshield? Especially in the state of Colorado, where the air is very thin. That sounds like a research project for a football-fanatic physicist!

    Photo from

     If you find yourself with a broken windshield due to a sports accident, you may be asking yourself one of the following questions. However, you need not worry; SunTec Auto Glass has answers.

    How does this work with my insurance company?

    You have the right to choose which auto glass repair shop performs your services (Arizona Law Chapter 233, Section 2) as well as if you would like a windshield replacement or an auto glass repair. One of the reasons that windshield replacement or an auto glass repair is procrastinated is that people are too busy to want to file a claim with their insurance company. We can take care of that responsibility for you. Although some insurance companies require a 3-way phone call with the auto glass shop and the Insured at the same time to verify that a claim is valid, SunTec will take care of all the rest of the billing. The only responsibility that falls upon the customer is to pay the deductible if applicable.

    Will replacing my windshield affect my rates?

    No. Arizona law states that a no fault claim for a windshield glass replacement will not raise your rates (ARS S 20-263), although some insurance companies monitor the frequency of claims that their insured make and may not renew your policy based upon the number of claims you have made.

    Is it illegal to drive with a cracked or broken windshield?

     → Arizona law ARS28-957.01. (A) Makes it illegal to operate a vehicle with a windshield that is not adequate; and it is solely up to the ticketing officer and what he deems adequate. The adequate windshield law is very vague and leaves a lot up to interpretation. What you may surmise to be a small crack, chip or scratch may result in an Arizona windshield fix-it-ticket. Putting off the repair or replacement of your damaged windshield may not only result in a fix-it-ticket, but it puts the safety of you and your family at risk of an accident that may be caused as a direct result of a windshield that is not adequate.

    Can I choose my own auto glass company or do I have to go with the one my insurance company picks for me?

     → ARS20-469 gives you the right to choose which auto glass company you want to use. The insurance company may suggest a specific auto glass repair company, but they cannot penalize you if you choose your own auto glass repair company. What they can do is barrage you with a series of questions and try steer you towards the auto glass company of their choice. By choosing your own auto glass company, you can choose an auto glass company that may offer the following:


    1.Warranty that meets and exceeds the warranty of the auto glass company that the auto insurance company may have suggested, such as an auto glass company that may offer lifetime chip repairs without having to make a future windshield repair claim.


    2.Specials that the auto insurance companies' suggested auto glass company cannot or will not offer, but other auto glass companies may offer, such as dinners, gas, and movie passes. These specials and promotions come out of the auto glass company's profits and losses and are not added to what the auto insurance company is going to pay. Since auto insurance companies are in total control of the pricing, the auto glass company either accepts the auto insurance companies' rates or the auto glass company cannot do the job for the insured, through their auto insurance policy.


    3. Choosing your own auto glass company gives you the option of having Original Equipment Manufactured glass installed. This is an automobile manufacturer endorsed auto glass. Since the agenda for most auto insurance companies is to save money, letting the auto insurance company choose an auto glass company for you, may leave you with aftermarket glass. Aftermarket glass can be a wild card as the specifications may differ from that of your original manufactured windshield. Aftermarket glass may have poor optical quality, uneven thickness and may cause leaks or wind noise.

    How do I know the auto glass companies I choose are certified to do the windshield replacement?

    The NGA (National Glass Association) holds every windshield replacement and auto glass repair technician up to the most stringent and up to date standards in the auto glass industry. Any associations or certifications they have should be presented on their website.

    If you live in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area and require a windshield replacement or auto glass repair, contact SunTec Auto Glass today. Our windshield replacement and auto glass repair technicians are NGA (National Glass Association) certified and service all vehicle makes and models. We use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) auto glass and OEM parts, because you and your family's safety matters. We work with every auto insurance company and we accept most forms of payment. We offer free mobile service to Maricopa and Pinal Counties for your convenience. To schedule your windshield replacementauto glass repairauto glass tinting or auto glass etching, please contact us at (602) 753-6050 or by email at

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      Football...the Other Great American Smash-Time! - Breaking News - Windshield Replacement | Auto Glass Repair
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      Football...the Other Great American Smash-Time! - Breaking News - Windshield Replacement | Auto Glass Repair

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