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    Can Porcelain Shatter a Windshield?

    At the Phoenix Auto Glass Blog, we cover many different types of stories involving windshields. From Monsters breaking windshields, to uncovering windshield myths and even informative articles such as how to avoid road rage and how to escape a car submerged under water. Today, we are uncovering yet another windshield myth, the “Ninja Rock” Myth. “Ninja Rock” is the nickname for the tiny piece of porcelain at the end of a crushed spark plug. It has this name because thieves use it to shatter glass quickly and silently. The Ninja Rock Myth states that it is possible to shatter a windshield with one of these tiny pieces of porcelain.

    The "Ninja Rock" - Photo: Instructables

    Video #1: Man Shatters Rear Passenger Window with a piece of Porcelain 


    This video demonstrates how easily porcelain can shatter tempered glass. In one swift move, the man throws the small piece of porcelain as hard as he can and the window instantly shatters into a million tiny pieces; proving that a small piece of porcelain from a spark plug will shatter a window.

    Drivers continually deal with commutes and may spend an extended period of time on the road, exposing their vehicles to much debris that can cause damage to not only the body of their car, but also their windshield. Most small pieces of debris will simply bounce off a windshield without causing any major damage. Windshields are designed to withstand the normal wear and tear of daily driving.


    Video #2: Guy Shatters Rear Vent Glass with a piece of Porcelain


    This video demonstrates that it only takes a small piece of porcelain to shatter tempered glass. The piece the man uses in this video is no bigger than a dime or nickel. With one throw, the shard hits the lower left hand corner and actually creates a divot in the glass, which causes the window to spider web crack instantly.

    There are some that say the small piece of the porcelain found off a spark plug (called a “Ninja Rock”) is enough to shatter a windshield. We have done extensive research at The Phoenix Auto Glass Blog; however, we found no evidence to prove that a piece of porcelain will actually shatter a windshield. Porcelain can and will chip the windshield when thrown with some force, which can lead to a spider web crack; but we were unable to find any solid evidence of porcelain shattering a windshield.


    Video #3:  Using Porcelain To Attempt To Break A Windshield


    In this video, two men are attempting to break the windshield of one of their cars by throwing a small piece of porcelain from a spark plug at the windshield. The attempt is a bust as the windshield remains un-shattered. However, when they drag the piece down the windshield, it leaves a very noticeable scratch. When they push the piece of porcelain into the windshield, it leaves a deep divot. This can eventually cause the windshield to crack and spread into a spider web that will need to be either repaired or replaced. Perhaps if they had a larger piece of porcelain, roughly the size of a brick, the results would be in favor of the legend.

    Therefore, the results this far are that the Ninja Rock will shatter the passenger windows of a vehicle, which are tempered glass. A windshield is laminated safety glass; that means a piece of laminate sandwiched between two pieces of glass. The glass is designed to take a heavier weight load and withstand greater amounts of damage than tempered glass. A small piece of porcelain thrown at the passenger window will shatter the window. Ninja Rocks are one of the tools used by car thieves because they are small, quiet, and efficient.

    In conclusion, a small “Ninja Rock” will not shatter your windshield on impact. It will take a much bigger piece of porcelain to manage that feat.  However, these little pieces of porcelain can still damage a windshield.


    Video #4: Guy Shatters Passenger Side Window with Spark Plug, and tries with a rock as well.


    In this video, 'Mike' shows us that pieces of porcelain are harder than glass; however, rocks the same size of a small piece of porcelain and even a few sizes bigger do nothing but bounce off a passenger window. Mike throws a few different sizes of rocks and they cause no apparent damage to the window.  However, after one throw with the piece of porcelain the window shatters.

    Paul Ryans, the Operations Manager at SunTec Auto Glass Repair and Windshield Replacement stated, “I always enjoy uncovering these windshield myths. I am not sure many people have heard of this myth, but it is still interesting to see the results of such a small piece of porcelain. The porcelain is much denser than the glass, which is why it shatters the passenger side windows so easily. I am sure that there are ways to use porcelain the break a windshield; however, as we have seen, simply throwing one of these Ninja Rocks is not one of them”.

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