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    Meet The Manager

    Paul Ryans - Operations Manager


    Highest Quality Windshield Service In Queen Creek

    At SunTec Auto Glass Repair and Windshield Replacement, we have one goal. We strive to provide you with the highest quality windshield replacement and auto glass repair service in the industry. Our entire team is 100% dedicated to your complete satisfaction with your entire experience. From the moment you pick up the phone to call us until you drive away with your new or repaired windshield, the professional windshield replacement and auto glass repair team at SunTec Auto Glass Repair and Windshield Replacement is here for you.

        We work with all insurance companies
        Free Mobile Service for Queen Creek Drivers
        We will beat any cash quote
        Lifetime guarantee
        Same day service 

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    Welcome to Queen Creek, Arizona

    Queen Creek is located in Maricopa County, Arizona and the population of Queen Creek, Arizona is approximately 26,361. The median age is 29.8 years of age and the median household income is approximately $80,226. There are approximately 2.28 vehicles per household Queen Creek, Arizona which means that if you live in Queen Creek you will eventually need a windshield replaced.

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    Our Fully Trained and Certified Queen Creek Staff

    We know that it can be hard to find anyone trustworthy when it comes to your vehicle. The fact that seventy percent of the windshield replacements performed in Arizona are done so incorrectly, which makes the decision even harder. There are serious consequences to improper windshield installation, such as injury or even death! At SunTec Auto Glass Repair and Window Tinting, we feel that any risk of injury or death is absolutely unacceptable. For this reason, we only employ National Glass Association and National Windshield Repair Association certified technicians. We go to great lengths to train every member of our windshield replacement and auto glass repair team in the proper tooling for both Domestic and Foreign windshield repair, auto glass replacement, window tinting and auto glass VIN etching for our residents of Queen Creek.

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    Choosing a Queen Creek Auto Glass Company

    Queen Creek is roughly 1,405 feet above sea level and spans around 25.8 square miles. The average annual temperature range in Queen Creek, Arizona varies from lows of around 40 degrees Fahrenheit to highs over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Drastic temperature fluctuations occurring on a daily basis put a lot of strain on vehicle auto glass including side windows, quarter windows, vent windows, back windows and particularly windshields. That makes it so very important for local auto glass repair and windshield replacement companies to understand how this situation can affect a vehicle's integrity. It is in your best interest to choose a local auto glass repair and windshield replacement company with knowledge about the glass best suited for the local environment. 

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    Auto Glass in Queen Creek, Arizona

    Originally, there was not much demand for auto glass in Queen Creek, Arizona. An increasing number of vehicles on the road combined with the rough and rocky landscape of Queen Creek, Arizona has led to a lot of cracked, chipped and broken windshields. The good news is, Arizona is a "no-fault-claim" state, which means that placing an auto glass repair or windshield replacement claim will not directly affect your insurance rates. That is one less thing to worry about when choosing a professional auto glass company.


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    Free Mobile Service for Queen Creek Residents

    We know that having your windshield replaced or your auto glass repaired is inconvenient; however, it does not have to be painful. SunTec Auto Glass Repair and Windshield Replacement offers FREE mobile service for all Queen Creek windshield replacement and auto glass repair Customers. In Addition, we offer same-day Service, means that we will send one of our fully certified windshield replacement and auto glass repair technicians to your home or place of business. If same-day service does not work for you, no problem, just schedule your appointment for a time that is most convenient for you and that fits your schedule.


    We Service All Vehicle Makes and Models in Queen Creek

    Our installers are National Glass Association and National Windshield Repair Association certified; our technicians are trained to service all vehicle makes and models. Whether you drive a Ford, Dodge, Scion, Subara, Geo or even an Aston Martin; our windshield replacement and auto glass repair technicians can service your vehicle. We have access to the largest inventory of original equipment glass for the residents of Queen Creek, Arizona. We use OEM glass from prestigious glass companies such as Carlite, Mopar, PPG, and AP Tech. Original Equipment Manufacturer glass helps maintain the resale value of your vehicle and helps maintain the structural integrity of your vehicle in the event of a head-on collision or rollover accident.

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    We Work With Every Auto Insurance Company in Queen Creek

    Sometimes it can be quite a hassle dealing with your auto insurance company. Many people fear they will not receive or do not have proper coverage on their auto glass policy to replace their windshield. Customers often worry that perhaps the auto glass company will not work with their auto insurance company. Our goal is to make this process as stress free for you as possible; we work with all auto insurance companies to make this easier for you, the customer. SunTec Auto Glass Repair and Windshield Replacement will accept any discounted rate your auto insurance company offers for your windshield replacement or auto glass repair. We understand that some customers simply do not have auto glass coverage on their auto insurance policy. If you are one of our valued ‘out-of-pocket’ customers, we offer you affordable pricing and we guarantee the lowest price on OEM glass, parts and moldings for Queen Creek residents.


    To Our Loyal Queen Creek Customers

    We appreciate all of our Windshield Replacement and Auto Glass Repair customers. We would like to show all of our loyal customers our appreciation. To show our appreciation, for every windshield replacement auto insurance claim we are offering FREE Dinner Gift Cards, FREE Gas or FREE Movie Passes. If you are paying for your windshield replacement, auto glass repair or window tinting with cash or credit card, we still have a lot of fantastic specials for you to choose from, as well as great discounts for seniors, military, police, firefighters and teachers. We also offer Fleet Rates for companies with multiple vehicles.

    *You must mention discounts and special at the time of scheduling service in order to be valid.

    *For your safety, a National Glass Association certified technician installs all auto glass and a National Windshield Repair Association Certified Technician does all windshield chip repairs.

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    Interesting Facts about Queen Creek

    Queen Creek is primarily an agricultural area. The land in Queen Creek produces citrus, cotton, pecans and other crops. In the 1920’s a wave of Mexican immigrants moved to the area to work at the local mines and to pick cotton. During the 1940’s Queen Creek also was home to a German prisoner of war camp where P.O.W.’s joined Philippine immigrants laboring in the fields. Queen Creek was officially incorporated in 1989. Today, Queen Creek continues its long tradition of supporting cultural and ethnic diversity in the area.


    Customer Service Available 24/7 Queen Creek

    If you need your vehicle window repaired or your vehicle window replaced, it takes just one call to (480) Quality or email us at and let your issues become our success Queen Creek.


    Top Industries in Queen Creek:

    Some of the top industries in Queen Creek, Arizona include Healthcare, Social Assistance, Finance, Insurance, Retail Trade, Educational Services and Construction.

    1. Healthcare and social assistance
    2. Finance and insurance
    3. Retail trade
    4. Educational services         
    5. Construction



    Notable Locations near Queen Creek:

    Some of the notable locations near Queen Creek, Arizona include the Rittenhouse, Power Marketplace Business Park, Queen Creek Town Hall, Crossroads District Park, Horseshow Park & Equestrian Center, Espee Park, Monterey Park, Snedigar Park, San Tan Mountain Regional Park, Prospector Park, Usery Mountain Recreation Park, Quial Run Park, Summit Park, Desert Breeze Park, Sun Ray Park, Links Golf Club, Les Colinas Golf Club, Seville Golf & Country Club, Orchard Park and Barney Family Sports Complex.

    1. Rittenhouse
    2. Power Marketplace Business Park
    3. Queen Creek Town Hall
    4. Crossroads District Park
    5. Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Center
    6. Espee Park
    7. Monterey Park
    8. Snedigar Park
    9. San Tan Mountain Regional Park
    10. Prospector Park
    11. Usery Mountain Recreation Park
    12. Quial Run Park
    13. Summit Park
    14. Desert Breeze Park
    15. Sun Ray Park
    16. Links Golf Club
    17. Les Colinas Golf Club
    18. Seville Golf & Country Club
    19. Orchard Park
    20. Barney Family Sports Complex



    Tourist Attractions near Queen Creek:

    Some of the tourist attractions near Queen Creek, Arizona include San Tan Historical Society, Queen Creek Performing Arts Center, Barney Family Sports Complex and Queen Creek Olive Mill.

    1. San Tan Historical Society
    2. Queen Creek Performing Arts Center
    3. Barney Family Sports Complex
    4. Queen Creek Olive Mill



    Some of the Communities in Queen Creek are:

    Some of the neighborhood communities near Queen Creek, Arizona include Queenland Manor, Langley Gateway Estates, Nauvoo Station, Crimson Ranch Estates, Crimson Heights, Montelena, Hasting Farms, Ash Creek Estates, Ocotillo Heights and Charleston Estates.

    1. Queenland Manor
    2. Langley Gateway Estates
    3. Nauvoo Station
    4. Crimson Ranch Estates
    5. Crimson Heights
    6. Montelena
    7. Hasting Farms
    8. Ash Creek Estates
    9. Ocotillo Heights
    10. Charleston Estates


    Another Naked Windshield Smasher

    June 6, 2013, North Philadelphia – An officer spotted a naked man wandering down an empty street and acting peculiarly. Police spokesman, Lt. John Stanford, described the behavior as “very unstable and violent”. 


    Photo pquan

    Reports say the man picked up and threw a metal newspaper box, flung “large rocks”, and then in the middle of the street he laid down in front of a SEPTA bus. It was then that the officer called for backup.

    Noticing the squad cars, the naked man approached the first officer’s car, slamming his hands on the driver’s side door. Then, in a fit of rage, he focused his attention on another squad car. He punched the car’s windshield, shattering glass and sending shards of broken glass into the front seat where the officer was sitting.

    Photo: myfoxphilly

    In response, the officer drew his gun, firing twice, hitting the naked windshield smasher once in the right chest and again in the right elbow. Police say the man walked a block and half before collapsing, despite severe wounds from the gunshots.

    Police transported the man to a nearby hospital for treatment; the man is currently in critical, but stable condition. Police suspect the man's odd behavior to be attributed to either mental issues or narcotics.

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    The Laminating Process 

    The windshield laminating process begins when two pieces of glass are cut to an exact pattern. Then the edges are smoothed and the cut glass is washed, dried and matched together. A black paint border is silk screened on the inside surface and the matched pieces of glass are then placed on bending irons and moved through a furnace called a Lehr. Heat softens the glass allowing it to conform to the shape of the bending irons. After the glass cools, it travels into a climate controlled dust free room where it is sandwiched together with a strong vinyl interlayer. At this point, the heat and pressure of an autoclave permanently bond the glass and vinyl into a single transparent windshield. 

    The Tempering Process

    The tempering process begins by cutting raw glass to an exact size and shape, then smoothing the sharp edges. Side and rear windows undergo a silk screening process. In addition, the electric circuit for heated rear windows is screened on with a silver ceramic paste that bonds to the glass as it bakes. The bending process follows and the glass is then transported through a furnace with temperatures as high as 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. Curved rolls, presses or bending rings are used to shape the hot glass and then pressurized air-cools it quickly. The window looks like ordinary glass but it is much stronger. Nevertheless, if tempered glass does break, it disintegrates into small fragments with rounded edges. 

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