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    SunTec Auto Glass provides auto glass repair and windshield replacement for all of the Greater Phoenix Metro and all 1700 Neighborhood Communities.  
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    Paul Ryans - Operations Manager


    Window Tinting | Phoenix, AZ

    Protect You and Your Family from Harmful UV Rays


    We all know that window tinting can help keep your vehicle cooler in the hot Arizona sun. However, window tinting can also protect your skin from harmful UV rays thereby preventing skin cancer.

    Phoenix Did you know that?

    • One in five Americans will develop skin cancer within their lifetime. (US Dept of Health & Human Services, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention)
    • Skin Cancer is the fastest growing cancer in the world. (Skin Cancer Foundation)
    • Excessive, prolonged UV exposure may be linked to the development of eye conditions such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. (American Academy of Ophthalmology)

    It is a fact that the sun's rays penetrate glass. Statistics show that American drivers develop skin cancer more frequently on their left side while Australian drivers who drive on the opposite side of the vehicle suffer from cancers of the skin on their right side. You can never be too safe when it comes to blocking the sun's harmful rays. In addition to lathering on your SPF 15 every day, you should have your windows tinted.

    If not at least for the sake of your skin (and your family's), consider window tinting to protect your vehicle's interior. By preventing excessive UV exposure, you will maximize your vehicle's resale value. Automotive window tinting also gives your car a sleeker look! More on Phoenix window tinting.

    Tinting Laws State by State


    Glass Etching in Phoenix, AZ

    Residents of the Phoenix Metro Area or residents anywhere around the Greater Phoenix Area, deter theft and save on auto insurance by having your auto glass etched with traceable V.I.N. numbers. Auto Glass Etching is highly recommended by police departments and auto insurance companies for the efficient prevention of auto theft.

    By permanently installing visible serial numbers into your vehicle's windshield, you can greatly reduce auto theft and aid in the recovery of your car, truck or vehicle in the event it is stolen.

    Although vehicle manufacturers mark some areas on your vehicle, it is not enough if the thieves dismantle your vehicle. If your auto glass is security etched with your V.I.N., the likelihood of having your car, truck or vehicle stolen diminishes greatly.

    Why risk having your vehicle stolen when preventative measures are so simple? Call (480) 782-5489 or contact us for more information on Arizona Auto Glass Etching.

    Other Services We Offer

    • Windshield Chip and Crack Repairs.
    • Windshield Cowl Replacement.
    • Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement.
    • Rear Window Wiper Blade Replacement.
    • Replace Windshield Wiper Arms.
    • Wiper Blade Motor Replacement.
    • Sun and Moon Roof Repair or Replacement.
    • Interior and Exterior Rear View Mirror Replacement.
    • Application and Removal of Automotive Window Film or Tint.
    • Security Etching of your V.I.N. (Vehicle Identification Number).
    • Automotive Door Glass Off Track Repair.
    • Replacement or Repair of the Drive, Cable or Scissor Mechanism.
    • Door Panel Replacement.
    • The Replacement of Door Panel Retainer Plugs.
    • Door Wiring Harness or Electrical Door Switch Replacement.
    • Window Regulator or Regulator Motor Replacement.

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