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    USAA Insurance Company

    If you are a USAA customer, you may not have given much thought to whether they cover a cracked or chipped windshield, until it happens. Yet a small amount of research before you experience a broken windshield can save you time and money.

    There is a good chance that USAA will waive the deductible for windshield repair if you have not claimed any other damage. This is commonly referred to as a 'glass only' claim. If the chip or crack is larger than a credit card or dollar bill, USAA would require that the windshield be replaced and the deductible, if any, would apply, unless your comprehensive USAA policy carries an auto glass endorsement which would make the deductible not applicable. The Arizona Department of Insurance regulates statutes that have made this possible.

    ARS20-264 requires insurers to offer full auto glass coverage. This is possible by adding an auto glass endorsement that is available with comprehensive insurance coverage. This endorsement covers ‘glass only’ claims and it is important to ask to include this endorsement on your auto insurance policy when getting your vehicle insured. It costs a little bit more but is well worth having.

    Utilizing this information can save you hundreds of dollars in the event your windshield or any other automotive glass becomes damaged. If you are not sure whether your existing USAA policy includes the necessary endorsement,  it would be a good idea to call USAA and take the necessary steps to ensure they include the auto glass endorsement in your auto insurance policy, giving you peace of mind. Arizona has another statute that prevents insurers from increasing your auto insurance rates because of any ‘no fault’ auto glass claims you have filed.

    ARS20-263 makes Arizona a ‘no-fault' claim state, which means your insurance premium, cannot be directly increased because you filed an auto glass claim. It is possible however that your insurance company may choose not to continue insuring you when it comes time to renew your policy leaving you vulnerable to paying higher premiums to another insurer depending on the number of claims you have made.

    It would be beneficial to speak with an experienced auto glass company prior to contacting USAA with yet another auto glass claim. A knowledgeable auto glass company may know of other options that are available to you such as warranties or specials that would alleviate the need to contact USAA auto insurance company at all. Another Arizona statute gives you the right to choose which auto glass company you would like to perform the work on your vehicle.

    ARS20-469 gives you the right to choose which auto glass company you want to use. The insurance company may suggest a specific auto glass repair company, but they cannot penalize you if you choose your own auto glass repair company. What they can do is barrage you with a series of questions and try steer you towards the auto glass company of their choice. By choosing your own auto glass company, you can choose an auto glass company that may offer the following:

    1. Warranty that meets and exceeds the warranty of the auto glass company that the auto insurance company may have suggested, such as an auto glass company that may offer lifetime chip repairs without having to make a future windshield repair claim.

    2. Specials that the auto insurance companies' suggested auto glass company cannot or will not offer, but other auto glass companies may offer, such as dinners, gas, and movie passes. These specials and promotions come out of the auto glass company's profits and losses and are not added to what the auto insurance company is going to pay. Since auto insurance companies are in total control of the pricing, the auto glass company either accepts the auto insurance companies' rates or the auto glass company cannot do the job for the insured, through their auto insurance policy.

    3. Choosing your own auto glass company gives you the option of having Original Equipment Manufactured glass installed. This is an automobile manufacturer endorsed auto glass. Since the agenda for most auto insurance companies is to save money, letting the auto insurance company choose an auto glass company for you, may leave you with aftermarket glass. Aftermarket glass can be a wild card, as the specifications may differ from that of your original manufactured windshield. Aftermarket glass may have poor optical quality, uneven thickness, and may cause leaks or wind noise.  

    "Trivia Question"
    Who is the largest auto insurance company in the United States?

    • a) Geico
    • b) Statefarm
    • c) AllState

    Answer: b) Statefarm with 18.7% of all auto insurance policies Nationwide, followed by AllState with 10.2%, then Geico with 8.5% of the car insurance market in the U.S.

    Choosing your own auto glass company can empower you to make the best choice for you and your family. Using due diligence when choosing an auto glass company may ensure that you and your family are safer as a direct result of making your own decision.

    Arizona law ARS28-957.01. (A) Makes it illegal to operate a vehicle with a windshield that is not adequate; and it is solely up to the ticketing officer and what he deems adequate. The adequate windshield law is very vague and leaves a lot up to interpretation. What you may surmise to be a small crack, chip or scratch may result in an Arizona windshield fix-it-ticket. Putting off the repair or replacement of your damaged windshield may not only result in a fix-it-ticket, but it puts the safety of you and your family at risk of an accident that may be caused as a direct result of a windshield that is not adequate. 

    As you can see there are many paths available to you and starting out on the right foot will save you time and money, as well as potentially keeping you and your family as safe as the auto glass was originally manufactured for.


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